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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you know if a funeral home is reputable?

Personal recommendations from others in the community can be very valuable in selecting a funeral home. Attending a funeral or visitation can help you judge the facility and the professionalism, courtesy, and hospitality of the staff. Just stop in and see for yourself.

What would happen if a funeral home was sold or closed and I prepaid for my funeral? 

100% of preneed money is deposited into an insurance policy. Your policy could be transferred to either a different funeral home or to the new owner of the funeral home. The new funeral home owner would be required to honor the contract that has been made.

Why choose a family owned funeral home? 

A family owned funeral home can better serve you, because you are dealing directly with the people who own the funeral home. Some area funeral homes are owned by large out-of-province or American corporations which may not have your best interest in mind. They answer to investors who are only interested in financial return. Decisions which affect OUR funeral home are made right here, by us the owners, who have the community's interest in mind, since we live, work, and shop right here.

I want to start preplanning for a funeral. Do I have to prepay for everything? 

No. Pre-financing is suggested but by just selecting the merchandise and providing information, you are giving your family a map to follow in the event of your death.

What can I do as protection against rising costs of funerals? 

Simply by pre-financing your funeral arrangements prices would be locked in regardless of continuing inflation.

Is embalming necessary? 

Embalming is not required by British Columbia law. It is usually required by the funeral home if there is to be public visitation. This is done for temporary preservation and disinfection.

How is a cremation service different from a traditional service? 

It doesn't have to be different at all. Every aspect of a "traditional" service can also be a part of a service involving cremation, such as visitation, and a funeral. The only difference is earth burial versus cremation (the final disposition).

Should children attend funerals? 

Yes. Attending the services allow the child to be part of the family at a time when they need love and attention the most.  If the child is leery of the visitation and/or funeral, special arrangements can be made. The important thing is not to isolate the child from the situation. Children grieve, as adults do but in a different way.

I don't live in Qualicum Beach but I would still like your professional services. Can you help? 

Absolutely. as you may have seen in the past, we have had services in other communities. We can accommodate your wishes with visitation here at Qualicum Beach Funeral Centre or in another community (at a church or other facility) with the funeral to follow in either location or community.

When I go to the funeral home, I never know what to say. What is proper etiquette? 

Funerals bring friends and family together. You are saying more than you know with just your presence. Show them you care with a simple hand shake, a hand on the shoulder, or a hug. Don't try to say something profound. A simple, "I'm sorry for your loss" will do. Your friend may show a variety of emotions. You, as a friend, can help by simply listening. After the services are over, your friend may still feel a great deal of pressure. You can help lighten the load by offering to help out with household chores, laundry, cleaning, dinner or running errands.  Your friend may feel isolated. You can help by offering an invitation to dinner, getting a cup of coffee or any other social gathering. If there is refusal, try again in a few weeks. Remember your friend's life has been torn apart, and putting it back together may mean finding a new role in life.

What do I need to bring to the funeral home when making (at-need) arrangements? 

We ask families provide the deceased’ care card, SIN, and birth certificate as they are required to register the death with Vital Statistics; information about the deceased and their family will be helpful in compiling the obituary; photos, not only for the obituary but for a "Memorial Tribute Video", if desired; and clothing for the deceased.

Why would I need to purchase a death certificate? 

A death certificate is a legal proof of death. They may be needed for the transfer of stocks, bonds, titles, bank accounts, retirement funds, life insurance policies and other benefits. Death Certificates in British Columbia cost $27.00 each.

Why are funerals so expensive and what is the average cost? 

In comparing other major life events, births or weddings, funerals are not expensive. A wedding can cost 2-3 times as much (or more), but because a wedding is a happy event, those costs are rarely criticized. A funeral home is a 24 hour, seven day a week, labor intensive business with extensive facilities, merchandise and equipment. It is our hope that you will see the value in the services we provide. The average cost of a funeral in our area is $6000. Of course this depends on the services and merchandise selected. Cash advanced items can greatly increase the total funeral cost. These are the items our funeral home will advance for the family. Your personal needs and desires determine the funeral cost.

Should the body of the deceased be present at the funeral? 

Of course this is the decision the family must make.  Please consider this. Would you have a baptism without the baby present? Would you have a birthday or graduation party without the honoree? Would you have a wedding without the bride or groom? Seeing is believing, and experts agree that viewing the deceased allows the opportunity to begin the experience of life without that special person.

Where can I get a "Memorial Tribute Video" made? 

Qualicum Beach Funeral Centre can have them professionally made.  All you need to do is provide the photos for the video. It is an additional way to commemorate a life once lived.

Do you have a crematory at your facility? 

We do not cremate in our building but we provide cremation services just like any other funeral home. There is really no advantage to using a funeral home with an on-site crematory. We are present for every step of the process. Come in and we can discuss cremation and all the options.

What are the best times to schedule visitation? 

There is no "best time". It is really up to the family, with the exception of occasionally having some restrictions due to other funeral schedules. Most people desire calling hours during the afternoon and evening, such as 2-4 and 6-8 pm, either at the funeral centre or prayers arranged at your church. Other families would prefer having visitation run straight through the day until 9 pm. Some families opt to have visitation the same day as the funeral. We will tailor the visitation to your needs.

Can I make cemetery arrangements through the funeral home? 

As a full-service funeral home, we can assist families with all aspects of their funeral arrangements. We are not affiliated with any cemetery but we have the contacts to all the local cemeteries.

Where does prepaid funeral money go? 

Funds prepaid for a funeral are strictly monitored and regulated. In British Columbia, funds must be held by a third party, not the funeral home. At Qualicum Beach Funeral Centre funds are placed in a prepaid insurance policy providing a price guarantee on funeral services and merchandise.

What if my spouse dies out of province? 

Call our funeral home first. We will make arrangements to have your loved one sent back to Qualicum Beach as quickly as possible.

What if we want services in British Columbia but burial in another province? 

This is not a problem. We are very experienced in having remains transferred to other areas for burial.

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